The law of attraction

Rhonda Byrne, in her very successful book, THE SECRET, explains the LAW OF ATTRACTION.  This law deals with you and your desired object.  The Law states that if you visualise and strongly think of any object or opportunity, then that object and the opportunity will both come to you.  Likes attract likes, thus energy attracts energy.
In the Bhagwad Gita, Sri Krishna declares that “whatever form a devotee seeks to pursue with shraddha, I make that thought of his unswerving” (7:21).  So, it is not a “secret” but merely the ANCIENT TRUTH which is already stated in the Gita, where Krishna advises Arjuna in order to restore his confidence in the face of a daunting challenge —— with armies of friends and relatives on either side of the battlefield at Kurukshetra.
We must send out positive thoughts with good intentions.  However, there are those who act out of selfish motives and so take this idea to a ridiculous level.  They make a mockery out of it.  The LAW OF ATTRACTION should not be used to attain petty objects.  It is like someone using a 1000-rupee currency note as a napkin.  But the Law of Attraction has a larger connotation.  The moment you continuously think a thought, the thought becomes a reality.
Thoughts are like seeds.  Some seeds give fruits within weeks and some, after several years.  The moment you entertain a strong thought, nature starts its work.  When totality is working to fulfil that thought, we change that thought and create a new thought.  If you keep changing your thoughts, there will be total chaos in the plans of nature.  Therefore, before entertaining a thought, filter it through your intellect and then pursue your desire.
In the beginning of the computer age, when we had old-style computers, the system used to take its own time.  When we tried to open any window, it would be slow.  But because of our impatience, we would delete that window and open a new window. Again, the computer would go slow and, ultimately hang.  Similarly, when you entertain a strong thought and nature starts its function, then we get impatient and discard that thought and entertain a new thought, again, totality starts functioning according to our new thought.  If you keep on entertaining different types of thoughts, the whole system will hang.  Therefore, we should understand that thoughts, like seeds, take their own time to germinate, sprout and produce fruit.  Do not be impatient.

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