Become a superachiever

Not facility, not ease, but difficulty and effort make a man, wrote Scottish author and reformer, Samuel Smiles.  The statement is based on a natural fact and examples, in history, have proved its veracity.
Everyone who achieved greatness, were the products of difficulty and not of facility.  Why does difficulty play such an important role in the building of a personality ?  The reason is traced to one of the laws of nature.  All our actions, big or small, are directly related to our minds.  The mind directs all the activities of our personality.  Studies show that all our performances depend totally on our minds.  The mind has unlimited reserves of energy, which it releases when we decide to do something.  If we choose to do an easy task, then the mind will release lesser energy, and when we decide to perform some difficult task the mind will release a greater amount of energy.
The building of a personality depends on your own efforts.  If you are an easy-going person then you are bound to receive less energy from your mind, and the result will be that your personality will become weak.  If you are ambitious and choose to embark on a great task, then your mind will release a greater amount of energy and you will develop a strong personality.  Each of us is born with the same mind that is full of energy, but many of us fail to utilise this energy and thus fail to develop our personalities fully. Those who set a great task, as their goal, receive a greater amount of energy for the performance of their task, and become SUPERACHIEVERS.
Everything depends on how much a person has unfolded his mind and how much energy the mind has released.  One achieves greater or smaller successes in life depending on how much energy one’s mind releases.  The quantum of success depends on one’s own planning.  Wise planning makes one a superman or superwoman, while unwise planning makes one lag behind in life.
The mind of an individual is like a great water reservoir.  Opening the gates of this reservoir depends on one’s target.  Try to utilise your own mind and you will certainly achieve anything you want in life.
——-Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.

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