Eyes: Windows to the soul

Looking deep into your own eyes, or another’s can be an uncomfortable experience, because not all of us are prepared for the truths revealed.  THE EYES NEVER LIE.  Eyes are the WINDOWS TO THE SOUL, they indicate the  ———REAL YOU.  Have you ever tried looking into your own eyes ?  Most people are scared of doing so.  Self-help gurus encourage us to do so.  Our eyes can, sometimes, reveal truths that we are not prepared to face      You could fool the whole world, and even yourself into believing whatever your minds wants you to believe, but the ACCUSING LOOK, the HURT in your eyes will pull you up sharply.  A poet put it beautifully, when trying to explain the connection between the eyes and the soul, “Eyes mirror our souls ………. actually they don’t.  THEY HAVE BEEN CARVED OUT OF OUR SOULS.”
mysterious blueJust like the body, the eyes have a LANGUAGE OF THEIR OWN.  Here are a few interesting tips from body language experts :  Too much blinking can indicate discomfort, while someone who hardly blinks may be trying to hide something.  Looking directly at you? Interested in you and the conversation. Too prolonged a gaze? Threatening and could be obsessive.  Looking away frequently ? Distracted and hiding something.  Looking closely at the eyes of a romantic interest, can help you figure out if they are interested in you.  Dilated pupils indicate interest.
If a person looks up towards the left, he is trying to visualise an image, when he looks up towards the right, he is trying to remember an actually remembered image.  When someone looks down towards the left, experts say he is trying to recreate a remembered taste, touch or vision.  When he looks down towards the right,he is talking to himself.
A doctor looks into your eyes to gauge your health, because the eyes are the only part of the body where a doctor can see veins, arteries and nerve, without having to cut you open.  Eyes can indicate liver disease, diabetes and even cholesterol.——-One cannot exaggerate the number of songs and poetry penned about eyes.  As the pool said in Oscar Wilde’s THE DISCIPLE: “But was Narcissus beautiful ? I loved Narcissus because, as he lay on my banks  and looked down at me, in the mirror of his eyes, I saw even my own beauty mirrored.”

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