5 W s

(1) WHERE —– is the White temple of Buddha ? — Wat Rong Khun, better known as the WHITE TEMPLE, is a Buddhist temple in Thailand.  The Temple was designed in 1997 by Chalermchai Kositpipat, a Thai artist.  The Tempe was almost destroyed by an earthquake in May this year.  Kositpipat was inspired to rebuild the Temple after an outpouring of international support, urging him not to let the Temple crumble.  According to the website Bored Panda, admission to many buildings has been forbidden until certain structural cracks are repaired.  Even so, visitors can photograph the Temples from outside.
(2) WHY —— is this kayak transparent ? ———- In an effort to take encounters with sea-creatures to a new level, Seattle-based company, Clear Blue Hawaii, has come up with a TRANSPARENT KAYAK.  The vessel is available now for any nature enthusiasts who wish to paddle and fully immerse themselves in the beautiful surroundings around them.  According to Daily Mail, the Kayaks come with varying polycarbonate panels, which are made entirely of a clear plastic, giving the paddler a crystal view of what is underwater.  Named, THE MOLOKINI, this transparent kayak has been developed from the same polycarbonate material which is used in bullet  proof glass.
1 (2)
(3) WHEN ——- did a typeface project reflect the culture of Paris ? —— Tim Paza May is a visual artist, based in Brazil.  She has created an elaborate typeface for a student project.  She chose to work with the word PARIS, by working with the colour palette and patterns that reflected the city and its culture.  According to Design Taxi, the typeface features the iconic Eiffel Tower to the London Eye, and the Notre Dame Cathedral to the city’s fashion, and its unique culture.
(4) WHO —built a barn in less than10 hrs ? ——- Team work can do wonders.  A team of Amish men worked together to construct a barn between 7a.m. and 5p.m.earlier this year.  Ohio-based Scott Miller captured this in the form of a time-lapse video.  The interesting part of this one-day wonder construction is that the workers even took time out for lunch.  The video, titled OHIO AMISH BARN RAISING, shows the entire construction in 3mins and 30secs.  It was shot on a camera with a wireless remote timer set at 20sec intervals.  Scott shot 1,600 pictures and then compressed them to make a video.  It seems insanely impossible, but we have proof that the Amish are super-humans of a sort, reports Sploid.
(5) WHAT ——– is EMOJI-DIET ? —- It started when writer Kelly Rexroat realised that there were only 59 official EMOJIS for FOOD.  She started to wonder why the UNICODE CONSORTIUM had not added more into their ever-expanding lexicon.  She then embarked on a diet for a week, when she ate only food that could be represented as EMOTICON and chronicled the same on The Atlantic.  Though animal icons, such as pigs were not used, as they were not under the objects category.  Kelly made use of ambiguous icons like the ‘POT OF FOOD’ to vary her diet a little.

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