Right intention and purpose

Why is the journey from psychological to spiritual reality difficult.  First, if you are grounded in psychological reality, and have never experienced spiritual reality, you tend to doubt its existence.  Secondly, even if you believe in it, you may not have the means to reach it.  Laws of psychological reality do not apply to the spiritual realm.  You need to develop new tools and techniques.  Thirdly, even if you believe in spiritual reality and make attempts to experience it, identifications of the body and mind strongly pull you away from it.
Because spirituality is omnipresent, omnipotent and benevolent, it is always ready to guide us and merge us back with the Source.  All we need to do is to develop a sense of RIGHT INTENTION & PURPOSE and live life accordingly.
Does right intention mean aligning yourself with what is considered ‘GOOD’ and keeping away from what is ‘BAD’ ?  Concepts of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and the prevailing moral and ethical values are influenced by ephemeral psychological reality.  People, cultures and time periods differ on what is considered ‘good’ and ‘bad’.  Rigidly following these concepts may no always invoke RIGHT INTENTION & PURPOSE.  Years of psychoanalysis can help one build a lot of empathy for oneself and the world, but does little to help you become aware about RIGHT INTENTION & PURPOSE.  Empathy may delude intention, because you start seeing yourself and the world in a biased manner.
Aim for ‘spiritual progress of ourselves and the cosmos.’  We are part of the cosmos; the ultimate goal is to become spiritually enlightened.  In the Ramayana, as young boys, the three brothers Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Vibhishana sat in deep meditation, invoking Brahma, who was pleased with them and blessed them and said, “I’m pleased with your meditation and wish to grant you boons.  Let me know what you want.”  Ravana wanted immortality and power to rule the earth.  Kumbhakarna wished to rule Heaven, but due to a slip of tongue, asked for a life of slumber and luxury.  Vibhishana did not want power, luxury or immortality.  All he wanted was to be immersed in divine devotion.  Their wishes were accepted.  While Ravana and Kumbhakarna were eventually destroyed due to their greed, Vibhishana experienced spiritual oneness with Rama.  Same effort, but different intentions  Therefore effort has to be made in the right intention.
Life is an opportunity to be spiritually evolved, and thereby discover the Divine within and around us.
——–Pulkit Sharma

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