Arty facts

Italian artist Marco Mazzoni, has come with some cool drawings of animals that seem to pop up from his sketchbook.  According to the web-site,, Mazzoni uses mostly blue and purple in his works, and plays with a lot of light and shadow to make them come to life.  They all look almost real.
An artistic boxer has come up with an alternative use for his furious fists ——- creating stunning works of art by punching a canvas.  Bart van Polanen Petel dips his gloves in paint before unleashing a series of haymakers, making abstract paintings similar to those of Jackson Pollock.  The New York Daily News reported, heavyweight Petel from Netherlands, came up with this unique method a little more than a year ago, when he was experimenting with ways to use boxing as an art outside of the ring.  Petel is also known by the name PAINTBOXER.
An exhibition of Henri Matisse’s cut-out art has become the most successful exhibition held to date at the TATE, with more than 560,000 visitors.  “The fact that the works have not been brought together for 40 yrs captured people’s imaginations,” Sir Nicholas Serota, director of the TATE said.  Previous record attendances for Tate attractions were for the Matisse Picasso show in 2002, which drew 467,166 people, followed by Damien Hirst’s 2012 exhibition, which brought more than 463,000 visitors through its doors, reported the BBC News.
Renowned Israeli painter Moshe Gershuni’s collection titled NO FATHER NO MOTHER, has opened in a gallery in Berlin.  The historically-loaded art, which places symbols of the HOLOCAUST, in a religious setting, is especially poignant in Germany, where a Jewish population of over half a million in 1993 was annihilated in the Holocaust, with just 30,000 surviving by 1945.  Created using thick glass paint and industrial varnish, the vibrant colour of his political and religious motifs appear almost luminous, reported the Haaretz.
Freelance illustrator and graphic artist Martin Tomsky is gifted with the art of laser cutting wood.  According to Tomsky creates everything from tiny pendants and brooches of small animals to intricately layered sculptural works, depicting entire illustrated scenes, USING LASERS.  His illustrations are primarily about creating new works, unique characters to inhabit those worlds and depicting stories which bring them to life.  His woodwork shows off his illustration capabilities in a unique 3D way.  He is able to achieve an extraordinary dimension within each piece through the use of different colours and layers of wood.

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