A wake-up call from God

Sometimes we wonder why God does not grant us a life of ease.  Why do we struggle with problems — health, financial and emotional problems.  If people were too happy and comfortable in their physical existence, they would never seek God.  Most of us turn to Him only when we are in trouble.  We even ask ourselves, “What is the purpose of this life ?”  Suffering has the value of turning our attention to the Lord.  Without it, people would not give God a second thought.  When we are healthy, living in the lap of luxury, we do not think of anything else.  But when we lose what we own, property, home, near and dear ones, we seek God.  Misfortunes make us turn to a higher power for help.
Sometimes when we become too complacent, there’s a WAKE-UP CALL FROM GOD.  He wants us to soar from this physical region to the astral, from the astral to the casual region, from the casual to the supra-casual region and from there to return to the highest spiritual realms.  This wake-up call is to teach us that we should not be too comfortable in the physical world.  Realisation of this will drive us to put in greater effort to meditate more and to soar to our home of true peace, the lap of God.
—————— Sant Rajinder Singh 

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