Modi, Mangalyaan and Mars

PM Narendra Modi’s speech, congratulating ISRO on the historic moment, was a big hit.  His punch lines were re-tweeted.  They (the punch lines) could put most dialogue writers to shame.
BN-ER561_imodim_G_20140924002834(1) Aaj MOM ka  Mangal se Milan ho gaya, aur Mangal ko MOM mil gayi.
(2) When our cricket wins a tournament and returns, the entire country rejoices.  This is an achievement, greater by a 1000 times.
(3) History has been created.  We’ve dared to reach out into the unknown and achieved the near impossible.
(4) Sometimes we flip when we order a parata and get a roti on our plate.  Imagine the wait, without knowing how the space-craft has received it and how it is going to react.
(5) And this, we must remember, has come from our ancestors, who had given the world ZERO, predicted eclipses accurately, discovered planetary positions.  Today, we’ve honoured our ancestors and inspired our next generation.

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