Navratri cuisine

NAVRATRI is a time to abstain, yet bountiful in its cuisine.  Celebrating Goddess Durga in her nine forms, the food during this auspicious time is special.
Ingredients : 100gm sabudana; 500ml milk; 40gm cashew nuts; 30gm almond/pista; 100gm sugar.
METHOD : — Soak sabudana in water for an hour.  Boil the milk, and reduce for about 15mins.  Add sugar to the milk.  Drain sabudana, then add it to the milk.  Cook it till it starts to thicken.  Add nuts and serve hot.
Rajgira thepla
Ingredients : Rajgira flour- 2cups; 2 medium-sized boiled potatoes; 1-11/2 tsp chilli powder; 1tsp jeera powder; rock salt to taste; ghee or oil for frying; water for kneading.
METHOD : — In a bowl mash potatoes and mix with rajgira flour. Add rock salt, chilli powder, jeera powder to the flour and make a firm dough.  Add water, if needed.  Then make lemon-sized balls and roll out each ball into a chappati.  Use a lot of rajgira flour for dusting, or the chapatti will stick to the rolling pin.  Heat a non-stick pan, cook the chappati on both the sides.  Then add ghee/oil.  Serve hot.
Ingredients :  2ltrs milk; 1kg coconut powder; 300gm sugar; 50gm almond powder; 2gm cardamom powder.
METHOD : —— Boil milk and allow it to reduce for close to 20mins.  Add coconut powder and keep stirring, till it starts to thicken.  Add cardamom powder and almond powder.  Take it off the fire and allow it to cool.  Start rolling small balls of the coconut mixture and use additional coconut powder to coat them.  Garnish with pista nuts and serve.
——— Chef Rajesh, Spice Terrace, JW Marriott, Bangalore.

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