This and That

(1) You Are Unique :  Never forget that you are one of a kind.  Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you, in all your uniqueness, to be on this earth, YOU WOULD’NT BE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE ——— R. Buckminster Fuller.
(2) The stars are just a step away
And the goals you would achieve
Are at your very fingertips
If you will just believe. 

(3) Trust Him when darkest thoughts assail thee
Trust Him when thy faith is small
Trust Him, when to simply trust Him
Is the hardest thing of all.

(4) History is an account —– mostly false, of events —- mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers —– mostly knaves and soldiers —- mostly fools. —- Ambrose Bierce.
Take a heavy dose of EGO
And a good supply of DIN
SELF-CONCEIT, in plenty
Mix some SWANK & SWAGGER in
Lots of GREED, less of HATE, some ENVY
Pour in a lot of GALL
Add a tiny drop of PATIENCE
If it can be found at all
A grain or two is enough
Some ADMIRATION —- self, of course
A large amount of BLUFF
An ounce of COURAGE, ten of SHAME
Be as careful as you can
For now that you have it finished
You’ve got your AVERAGE MAN.
(6) Did you know that the three-lettered word SET has 58 meanings as a NOUN, 126 meanings as a VERB, 10 meanings as a PARTICIPLE-ADJECTIVE ———- that’s a Grand Total of 194 meanings !!!!! A very small big word, isn’t it ????
(7) To make a soufflé, you have to break eggs, to make socialism, you have to break heads.
(8) You can make more friends in 2 months, by becoming interested in other people, than you can in two years, by trying to get other people interested in you. 
699453-bigthumbnail(9) Flattery is counterfeit and like counterfeit money, it will eventually get you into trouble if you try to pass it.
(10) Living in the past, had one thing in its favour, IT WAS CHEAPER.
(11) People who tell you not to let little things bother you, have never tried sleeping with a mosquito in their room.
(12) If meekness is a weakness, TRY BEING MEEK FOR A WEEK.
(13) I have seen flowers in stony places
And kindness done by men with ugly faces
And the Gold Cup won by the worst horse at the races
So I trust too. ——- Masefield.
(14) Jealousy is the most sterile of all emotions.
(15) Love is worth many sacrifices, especially the sacrifice of pride.

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