This and That

(1) Hatred and Love are both BLIND EMOTIONS.
(2) Bright people do not usually cast reflections. 
(3) He who smiles and retains a cold judgement —- when he most hates, is most likely to vanquish his opponent.
(4) You should treat a cigar like a mistress, put it away before you are sick of it. —- Disraeli.
(5) Love is a gift, not a possession —– You give it, you don’t take.
Love-Marriage-AstrologyLove in marriage is love indeed, because it means a giving
A sacrifice of freedom, and a selfless way of living
Sharing whatsoever comes, each other’s burdens bearing
Compassionate in sickness, with a patient, tender caring
In health, the gay adventure of enjoying things together
Growing closer with the years, come bright or stormy weather
Honouring the Sacrament of Marriage ——- failing never
To fulfil the promise, made the day you said ; Forever
The day you took the step and said the word that bound you two
And vowed to be forever faithful and forever true. –Patience Strong.
(7) A broken reputation can always be repaired, but people will always keep their eyes where the crack was — VOA, 1979
(8) A hypocrite is one who pats your back —– in front of your face, and slaps you in the face —- behind your back.

Monday’s child —- loyal and affectionate;
Tuesday’s child —- optimistic and independent;
Wednesday’s child —- vivacious and entertaining;
Thursday’s child —- frank and artistic;
Friday’s child —- loves all that is beautiful;
Saturday’s child —- alert and industrious;
Sunday’s child —- warm, generous and luxury-loving

(10) Papa loved Mama
Mama loved men
Mama’s in the graveyard
Papa’s in the pen.
(11) I wish I could drink like a lady
2 or 3, at the most
But 2, I’m under the table
And 3, I’m under the host.
(12) Today, in restaurants, the food is poison, the waiters fresh.
Funny-Quotes-humor…-Best-Most-Funniest-Quotes-collection(13) Slogan in drive-in Church : Come as you are, pray in your car.
(14) Of course she attracts men.  It runs in the family —- her father is a STEEL MAGNATE.
(15) Have you heard about the cannibal who came home late for dinner ?  His wife gave him a COLD SHOULDER,
(16) “Life is a grind”, said the EMERY  WHEEL  “It’s a perfect bore”, said the DRILL  “It means nothing but hard knocks for me,” said the NAIL, to which the SAW added, “You don’t have to go through as much as I have.”  “Let’s strike,” the HAMMER.  “Cut it out,” warned the CHISEL.  “Here comes the Boss,” and AWL were silent.

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