The Modiet

modi-main10His energy on EMPTY, outclassed even his sharply-cut bandgalas complete with spiffy pocket squares.  Super Modi bounded up and down planes and podiums; addressed swooning NRIs and slack-jawed US delegates; socked CEOs and Policy Czars ———- all without a faltering of step or voice.  At a stage of fasting, when the body of most mortals starts breaking down KETONES, our NaMo broke into a trot, when he should have turned sluggish he SLUGGED the crowds with wit, wisdom and visa promises..  Surely, there’s a limit on how much anyone can run on NO FUEL other than ADULATION POWER.  Aww — Summ !!!!
Move over everything from Atkins to Zumba, the MOW-DEE plan is here ——- Weight-loss with Spiritual Gain. This traditional RENUNCIATION OF DESIRE, could well become the NEW OBJECT OF DESIRE, thanks to the MONK who LOOKS & MOVES ——- LIKE A FERRARI.
——- Bachi Karkaria 

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