Transcend rejection

dealing-with-rejectionLife is a GAMUT OF REJECTIONS of many kinds.  Sometimes, we could be singled out for discrimination; at other times it could be something as simple as being left out of a party invitation.  Naturally, we hurt, but TRANSCENDING REJECTION is a necessity; it is not a matter of choice.
To go forward in life, we have to develop skills of negotiating its various twists and turns.  Emotional and spiritual maturity are achieved only once we have learned the art of transcending rejection.  There are many subtle ways in which people reject others.  A leader may try to cow down others; a boss may want only adulation and would treat any attempt to have a conversation as insolence.
Rejections may result in our having low self-esteem, if we allow these things to bother us.  They remain as emotional wounds that fester and go underground sometimes.  But, if we allow time to mellow memories, we find that what we once thought devastating —– hardly mattered at all.  Life becomes a challenge, because at every step we have learnt to transcend the rejections of life.  The spiritual path is one, where our moving upwards and forwards, depends on our taking those very steps when we are tempted to feel small and regard ourselves as less for being left out.
There are those who take rejection to heart and become quiet and unassertive.  But, with life becoming more dynamic with movement and mobility, it is necessary for us to KEEP MOVING ON.  We all have wounds, but we should not brood over them, we have to see them in perspective.  When we do, we will see that the rejection of others says nothing about ourselves and our self-worth.  It’s about them.  Every human being needs a supportive and nurturing environment.  If we learn to accept others more naturally, we would ourselves know where to draw the line.  NOT ALL BEHAVIOUR IS ACCEPTABLE, but the more we interact with others, the more skilled we become in negotiating space for ourselves and others.  Learn the art of TRANSCENDING REJECTION.

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