Awaken your soul

It is essential to begin every day with gratitude..  The essence of how to bring happiness to your life is to rise early in the morning, and say ‘thank you’.  Offer your prayers, meditate, practise something that connects you with the Creator. These aren’t just simple acts, but ways to AWAKEN YOUR SOUL.  That’s what you need every morning, to awaken your soul, not just the body.
It is important to work honestly and to share material things.  If people can do that, they will be happy.  It is essential to find peace through meditation , as we are facing conflicts on an every day basis.  When you practise yoga and chant every morning, you establish a connection with God.  Even when the heart is broken, that you feel that you cannot go on, you can turn your experience into a positive one, with faith.
Mornings are a time for reflection.  In the practice of rising up in the ambrosial hours, and praying, you purify the mind.  Live consciously.  Keep your body clean ——- cleanliness is next to Godliness ——–Act with compassion.  Learn the science of breathing :  BREATHE DEEP, you will live well; BREATHE SHALLOW, you will live shallow.
—- Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

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