Blast from the past…


PangolinIt is a MAMMAL.  It is also referred as a SCALY ANTEATER or TRENGGILING.  It has large KERATIN SCALES covering its skin, and is the only mammal with this adaption.  It is found naturally in TROPICAL REGIONS throughout ASIA & AFRICA.  The word PANGOLIN comes from the Malay word PENGGULING, meaning ‘SOMETHING THAT ROLLS UP’. 

Its physical appearance ——large, hardened, overlapping plate-like scales.  The scales, which are often soft on new-born pangolins, harden as the animal matures.  The scales are made of KERATIN, the same material of which HUMAN FINGERNAILS & TETRAPOD CLAWS are made.  The pangolin’s scaled body is comparable to a PINE CONE or GLOGE ARTICHOKE.  It can curl up into a ball, when threatened.  The overlapping scales act as ARMOUR and its face is tucked under its tail.  The front claws are so long, they are unsuited for walking, so the animal walks with its forepaws curled…

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