Breakfast time

WHAT DOES THE WORLD EAT FOR BREAKFAST ? As you walk across geographical boundaries, the breakfast table has something new to offer :
(1) ITALIAN MAMA MIA : —A steaming cup of Cappuccino says it all.  Bread rolls, biscotti, pastries and fresh fruits also adorn the breakfast table.  Cappuccino e Cornetto is a typical café breakfast —— a sweet croissant, dipped in coffee is the norm.  Elegant enough.
(2) MACHO AUSTRALIAN : —- Every Australian can vouch for the epic taste of Vegemite.  Dark brown sandwich bread can turn around any meal.
(3) GOOD OL’AMERICANO : —- Fluffy blueberry pancakes, dressed with maple syrup and bacon rashers, on the side, are all the rage.
(4) A LA FRENCH : —- French chefs are croissant connoisseurs : buttered, or jam-filled, cinnamon-scented, cheesy, studded with nuts and many more.  Mmm………
(5) JAPANESE SAMURAI : —- The traditional Japanese breakfast platter speaks of their love for precision.  A well-rounded spread, with steamed rice, miso soup, pickles (tsukemono and umeboshi), raw egg, poured over rice, sheets of dried sea-weed —– nori, grilled fish and not to miss –Japanese green tea.
(6) GERMAN ALL THE WAY : —- A legendary variety of local cheese, cold cuts like ham and salami, eggs, jams or marmalade and bread —— that’s a German breakfast and buffet for you.  For all those committed carnivores —- the Bratwurst sausage, made with veal, pork and beef —- come close to Heaven.
(7) ISRAEL — A PRINCELY AFFAIRE : —- With an Israeli breakfast, you’ll discover a variety like never before.  Surprisingly, simple flavours come together to make a lavish meal that can last the whole day.  Mediterranean dips, Israeli vegetable salad, labane (yoghurt cheese) and, of course, Shakshuka, highlight the menu.  Shakshuka is a delicate dish of eggs, poached in a fierce tomato sauce, served with rustic breads to mop up the flavours.
(8) THE LEGENDARY PARSI MEAL : —- Parsis will tell you —– “When in doubt, break an egg.”  Eggs (edu) have garnered quite a reputation, as a preferred breakfast ingredient, with classic recipes like Akuri ( spicy scrambled eggs) and Sali Par Edu ( half-fry with potato straws) that render the old-world charm.  A hot cup of tea, with brun maska (buttered buns) is some of the simplest pleasures in life.
(9) BREAKFAST BLISS IN BRAZIL : —- Morning larks, in Brazil, whip up a simple spread with meats, especially ham, cheese, jams, buns, grilled sandwiches and cakes.
(10) HOLLA MEXICO : —- A Mexican meal will change the way you look at breakfast.  Tacos with scrambled eggs, nachos and refried beans, ranch-style fried eggs, braised meats, Mexican sausages, Chilaquiles (fried tortilla strips, smothered in sauce), salsas ——- can you have a better start to the day ?
(11) YALLA ! EGYPT : —- The glory of an eclectic Egyptian breakfast, will compel you to rise and shine.  Ful medames, is the quintessential morning meal in Egypt and Sudan, which is made with mashed fava beans, chickpeas, garlic, coriander and lime.  The lively breakfast is rounded out with boiled eggs, fresh veggies and a tahini sauce.
——Shivangana Vasudeva. 

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