Turning Tables

Blast from the past…



(1)  A table that’s good to eat———-VEGETABLE.

(2)  A table that will suit any purpose———-ADAPTABLE.

(3) A table that will bring good results——-PROFITABLE.

(4)  A table that a burglar can take away———-PORTABLE.

(5)  A table that is very pleasant to taste———-PALATABLE.

(6)  A table of importance———-NOTABLE.

(7)  A table that is noted for good conduct——RESPECTABLE.

(8)  A table you can sell———-MARKETABLE.

(9)  A table you cannot doubt———-INDUBITABLE.

(10)  A table that keeps horses—–STABLE.

(11)  A table who is a policeman———-CONSTABLE.

(12)  A table which is praise-worthy———-CREDITABLE.

(13)  A table that gives comfort—COMFORTABLE.

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