The happy gene

English writer William Thackeray asks, “Which of us is happy in this world, which of us has his desire, or having it, is satisfied ?”  We are like Aladdin and his wonderful lamp.  He had everything his heart desired — great wealth, a magnificent palace, a beautiful wife and a vast empire, yet he yearned to his poor and carefree life.
HappyGeneDNAWe spend our whole lives trying to find happiness in wealth, power and position.  But, unlike Aladdin, we do not have a magic lamp.  we become so engrossed in our desires that we do not bother how lasting happiness can be found.  Happiness is defined as a state that is brought about, when we possess that which we consider good.  But we do not achieve happiness, because that which we desire is the very cause of unhappiness.  We hope to attain happiness through fleeting and transitory things ——- wealth, power, fame, alcohol and sensual pleasures, and when they leave us, we are left with an empty , unhappy, unfulfilled feeling.
We are caught in the mad pursuit of whatever desires arise in our mind.  Even then, once we obtain the object of our desire, we quickly tire of it and seek something new.  Thus, like a dog chasing its own tail, we whirl about growling and barking until we collapse in exhaustion, and realise the futility of our actions.  True Happiness can be achieved only when we become desire-less.  This condition is referred to as the surrender to God’s will. Lasting happiness can be found only within.  We still have a golden opportunity to reach our spiritual goal and discover divine ecstasy and eternal bliss.
——- Sant Rajinder Singhji

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