Indian ingredients yet to be explored

Blast from the past…


Jazz up your dishes by incorporating these unexplored Indian ingredients you may know of but never used skilfully in your cooking.

bathua_patte_208711777(1) BATHUA : or lamb’s quarter is quite popular in North India, where is cultivated, and is available in the winter months.  A wild relative of the spinach plant, it is cooked in the same way as spinach.  However, it should be eaten in moderation due to high levels of OXALIC ACID.  Culinary uses :  The young leaves and smaller stems can be eaten raw in salads, add to stir-fried veggies or used to make raita.  Moreover, it can be used as stuffing in breads and pakodas.  It can be mixed with other greens and lentils to make dals.  For experimentation, add it to dough to give a distinctive taste to rotis and parathas.

img_1421_800_cookery-white(2) KACHAMPULI :  Is dark, tart vinegar which is made out of the fruit of…

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