This & That

(1) Give all thou canst : high Heaven rejects the lore of nicely-calculated less or more. —— Wordsworth.

(2) What is a sleeping bull called ?  A BULL-DOZER.

(3) How was the blind carpenter able to see ?  He picked up his hammer and SAW.
(4) Why did the lazy man want to work in the bakery ?  Because he was a LOAFER.
(5) If you never BUDGE, don’t expect a PUSH. — Malcolm Forbes.

(6) What is your attitude to life, especially with respect to success and failure ?  Basically, you are the same human being, and what you become does not depend on how high you rise, it depends on how high you can rise again after you fall.
(7) NORMALCY is when you run out of money; INSOLVENCY is when you run out of excuses; BANKRUPTCY is when you run out of town.
(8) Have confidence in yourself, and others will too.  Treat people as you would like to be treated.  Always offer more than expected.
(9) We say ‘Thank you’, we say ‘Please’
We don’t interrupt or tease
We don’t argue, we don’t fuss
We listen when friends talk to us
We share our toys, and take our turns
GOOD MANNERS isn’t hard to learn.
—–3yr old  Kamna. 
(10) Lowering ‘MIND SPEEDS’ isn’t an option.  It’s a necessity.  It is the only thing that opens our lives to us and makes us see all those lovely details, enjoy the scenery, feel the depth of our experiences and sense the mystery of our existence.  Our ‘mind speeds’ are so revved up, that we are unable to slow down, and the subtle beauty of life can only be seen when we have slowed down.  Always a ‘hazy blanket of stress’ manages to cloud the starlight in our lives.— Mani Shankar. 
(11) The PESSIMIST complains about the wind; the OPTIMIST expects it to change; the REALIST adjusts the sales.
(12) Oxford’s word of the year 2013 is SELFIE = taking self-portrait photographs with a smart-phone or webcam and uploading it to a social-media website. It was 1st used in an Australian online forum in 2002.  Numerous spin-offs include —– HELFIE = a picture of one’s hair; BELFIE = a picture of one’s posterior.

(13) Make one ‘IDEA’ your life ——- if the idea is worth following.  Think of it, dream of it, live that ‘idea’.  Let every part of your body be full of that ‘idea’, and just leave every other idea alone.  THIS IS THE WAY TO SUCCESS. — Swami Vivekananda. 

(14) TIGER got to HUNT
BIRD got to FLY
BIRD got to LAND
MAN got to tell himself — HE UNDERSTAND. ——– Kurt Vonnegut. 

(15) 50 yrs ago, on November 24th, Lee Harvey Oswald (who killed Kennedy) was himself shot by 50 yr old strip-tease club owner, Jack Ruby a.k.a Rubinstein.  He was rushed to the same hospital, where Kennedy died, but despite an emergency operation, blood transfusion and heart massage, he died at 1.07 p.m.

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