This & That

(1) Stop acting so small.  You are the UNIVERSE IN ECSTATIC MOTION. —— Rumi.

(2) Emotional acceptance of the present moment is the secret to a life of inner peace.
(3) You are a PULSATING BEING.  Every thought you think, is pulsating through you, creating he world around you.
(4) Let people be as they are, and everything be as it is.

(5) Everything in life, has to have a balance.

(6) We worry what we will become tomorrow; WE FORGET THAT WE ARE SOMEONE TODAY.

(7) FEAR can hold you prisoner; HOPE can set you free.
(8) The BEEP-EGG, egg-timer plays different songs indicating when egg is cooked in different states.  Firebox’s BEEP-EGG comes in three varieties ——- ORIGINAL, DISCO DIVA & ROCK HARD —– soft, medium, hard.
(9) Fact of the matter : Sea-otters hold hands while eating and sleeping, so they DON’T DRIFT APART.

(10) Queen Elizabeth – 1 regarded herself as a PARAGON OF CLEANLINESS.  She declared that she bathed once every three months, whether she needed it or not.

(11) Love rarely overtakes, it MOSTLY COMES TO MEET US — Wilhelm Stekel.
(12) Fiction was invented the day Jonah arrived home and told is wife that he was home three days late, because HE HAD BEEN SWALLOWED BY A WHALE.
(13) Chinese Crested and Chihuahua mix, shot to prominence, after winning the WORLD’S UGLIEST DOG CONTEST in 2007.  Only 2yrs old —- barely a teenager in DOG’S YEARS, he had no teeth on the left side, so there was nothing to keep his tongue in there.  People were often stunned, not even sure if it’s a dog.  But ELWOOD was very confident in his looks.  He thought he was very handsome.  On Thanksgiving morning, after 8years filled with love and devotion, he died.  His owner, Karen Quigley said, “He was a big part of my life and my heart.”

(14) Time and tide, proverbially, wait for no man.  But Tag Heuer —— brand ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan declared : Time starts when I reach a place.  Time is a word you need to add an adjective to  —- GOOD time, BAD time, SAD time, HAPPY time —– So, I decide, whenever I go somewhere, I should turn it into a HAPPY TIME.  That time is mine, so I don’t get controlled by time.

(15) If the world seems cold to you; KINDLE FIRES TO WARM IT —- Lucy Larcom.

(16) It is the neglect of timely repair, that makes rebuilding necessary —– Richard Wheatly.
(17) Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened. —- Dr. Seusse.
(18) The snow white bear has black skin hidden underneath its fluffy exterior.  The black skin allows the bear to absorb the heat of the sun.

(19) The origin of birth-stones, dates back 1000s of years to the time of Moses.  It is believed that the breast-plate of the High Priest was made with 12 coloured gem stones, representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and a corresponding gem stone was attributed to each colour.

(20) A flower cannot blossom without sunshine and a man cannot live without love.

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