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d32bc93f-s(1) WHO fried MAPLE LEAVES ? ——- MAPLE and CANADA are inseparable, the leaf and their tree are part of their culture in all forms.  The Japanese have broken this tradition, by USING THEM AS SNACKS.  The seasonal food can become a huge problem, when it comes to clogged gutters and unraked yards.  An inventive way of handling this issue was discovered by turning it into a TASTY TREAT.  They fried their maple leaves in lightly sweetened batter.  The recipe is relatively simple reports, Bored Panda.  A specialised delicacy from the Osaka area in Japan, it is made by dipping Japanese maple leaves in tempura batter and frying them in vegetable oil.
kimsooja-photo-051(2) WHAT is special about this GREEN HOUSE ? —— International artist Kimsooja, transformed a greenhouse into a rainbow palace.  This prismatic wonderland at Madrid’s Retiro Park, was created by placing translucent diffraction film over the greenhouse glass.  The art project, called ‘To Breathe —A Mirror Woman,’ had mirrors installed on the floor.  To create an ethereal effect, a sound component was added to the installation : a recording of the artist breathing rhythmically.  Visitors experienced a meditative sensory event, bathed in rainbow coloured rays of light, reports Neatorama.
6(3) WHY was an Instagram Account created for BEES ? ——– On social networking sites, it’s not common to find people posting selfies in dangerous locations.  San Diego-based beekeeper Hillary Kearney has an instagram account in which she captures photos of bees and their behaviour.  The beekeeper finds everything about bees surprising and fascinating. Her account documents the ‘working life’ of the insect, such as the process of honey-making  It also sheds some light on a beekeeper’s work.  The need to create an educational Instagram account stemmed from her wish to educate people about the friendly nature of honeybees and how much they contribute to our lives.  With a background in visual arts, she uses Instagram as a channel to artistically communicate information about bees and their behaviour, reports Design Taxi.
The old Igorots in Banaue(4) WHERE do IGOROT TRIBES leave their loved ones ? —— Every culture has a unique way of dealing with death.  The Igorot tribe in the Philippines put their loved ones to rest along cliffs or inside caves.  This practice stems from the belief that it would ensure a safe passage to Heaven.  At the Echo valley in Sagada, you can find coffins as old as 100yrs.  This method is most practical for keeping the deceased safe from floods and animals, reports Viral Nova.  The casket is made from a single piece of wood and the bones of the deceased are sometimes broken to fit in. Hanging coffins can also be found in other cultures across Asia, including parts of China and Indonesia.
paper-illustration-yulia-brodskaya (16)(5) WHEN did paper turn into ILLUSIONARY ARTWORK ? —— Graphic designer and illustrator Yulia Brodskaya manages to turn out lush, vibrant, three-dimensional paper artworks, using glue and bent strips of colourful paper, in a technique known as QUILLING.  Yulia started working as a graphic designer, but quickly abandoned the computer programmes in favour of paper art.  “Paper always held a special fascination for me.  I’ve tried many different methods and techniques of working with it.  Now I draw ‘WITH’ paper instead of ‘ON’ it.”  After working with paper quilling for over 3years, Brodskaya says, “I am at a point where I don’t feel constrained by the technical challenges of the medium.  I am eager to keep experimenting, and this piece is JUST A BEGINNING.”  Brodskaya has experimented with TROPICAL FISH and CANDY CRUSH themes.  And now, she’s particularly interested in capturing elderly people in her art works.  She told Huffington Post that she’s intrigued by the subject of old age and death and looks through photographs for inspiration.

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