Manifest good in your life

The earth is a field of varying degrees of energy.  The higher level of vibrations, which is pure love or true feelings for others, can help us represent ourselves more meaningfully and also help us our desires faster.
According to the laws of nature, our good remains invisible to us as long as we remain in LOW VIBRATIONS.  When we vibrate with higher energies, all the good things start to manifest in our lives.  Here are a few guidelines, which when practised, can help us raise our vibrations.
(1) LOVE : —- It’s a great vibration booster.  When we feel loved and good about ourselves, we fall in love with the world and we can manifest love into our life as well.
(2) FORGIVENESS : —- There are three words which are often unspoken because of our fragile egos.  The words are : I AM SORRY.  Forgiving others and asking for forgiveness always leads us to love.  To release our negative blocks, we need to forgive others and ourselves too.  At times when we feel stuck in life — that is an indication that we need to send forgiveness to someone through the universe.
(3) GRATITUDE : —- An attitude of gratitude, instantly shifts the frequency in every cell of our body.  There are three types of gratitude :
(a) When someone does good for us, we must thank them hole-heartedly ;
(b) We must pass our thanks to the universe for all that we have in our life ;
(c) We must remain in the attitude of gratitude for everything we have : our breath, our physical well-being, nature, etc.
( 4) MEDITATION : —- By practising meditation, we align ourselves to our higher self.  In the meditative state, our vibrations are raised on a higher level.
(5) CONSCIOUS BREATHING : —- Simply paying attention to our breath, benefits us tremendously.  Consciously slowing and deepening the breath, can help us get more oxygen to our brain and other body parts and also raise our vibrations.
Whatever is your desire — be it love, career, wealth or health —– you receive it on your frequency of feeling good.  What’s stopping you from raising your vibrations ?
—– Pallavi Yawalkar.

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