This & That

(1) Goliath was big —- that’s granted
Ready for combat hand to hand
An oak that wasn’t planted
A defender of Palestine’s land
David was a stripling lad
The Israelites sent him out alone
A sling and stone, was all he had
The ancient equivalent of a drone.
—– Farrukh Dhondy. 
(2) There are 4 types of closet consumers :
(a) AESTHETE : Knows intricacies and value of a product.
(b) CONNOISSEUR : Loves a particular brand and remains loyal to it.
(c) EXPERIENTIALIST : Loves experiencing various luxurious brands.
(d) FLAUNTER : Flaunts the product —– screaming for attention.
(3)What did the pony say when he had a sore throat ? Sorry, I’m a little HORSE (hoarse)
(4) Judge : Where do you work ? Man : HERE & THERE.  Judge : What do you do for a living ? Man : THIS & THAT.  Judge : Take him away. Man : Wait a minute !  When will I get out ? Judge : SOONER OR LATER.

(5) Reading :  An activity that is performed when the TV is out of order, or when one visits the hairdressers.

(6) When we are young, we comb our hair — depending on the fashion; When we are old, we comb our hair —- depending on the hair at the time.

(7) Old sweaters recycled as pants SWANTS.  The brain behind the SWANT —— Stephen West, a designer from Amsterdam.

(8) In all things of nature, there is something of the MARVELLOUS. —- Aristotle.
(9) When you have no one in your life, who you can call and say, “I’M SCARED”, then your life is unfulfilling.  You need somebody you can trust enough to say, “I NEED HELP” ——Steven Soderberg.
(10) Why did the one-handed man cross the road ?  To go to the SECOND-HAND STORE.

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