Everlasting bliss

Joy is in our mind’s inner recesses, but somehow it gets reflected only when we set some conditions. When those conditions get fulfilled ——- by chance, coincidence or strategic planning —— we think we have found joy.  Anything that stops the thinking of the mind, gives a high feeling, where the mind is not clamouring, waiting or hoping for anything to happen, where for a fleeting second there’s sheer fulfillment ——– that is joy.
External situations would be absolutely different, but what happens in the mind is the exactly the same and that is ——- the mind comes to a standstill.  The problem is that the very nature of the mind is fleeting, changing, moving and transitory.  This vicious cycle of waiting-hoping-getting is deleted b a wise person, who is aware of this phenomenon, that it was not things that were giving me joy, but it was the stillness of my mind.  So, the purest form of joy is perceivable by a wise person, and for foolish people, it was always outside of them.
Those who are intelligent know what happens is not outside of us, but within.  Cut the shackles of slavery of any person, object or status, and this is the most liberating thing one can do.  And once, one has happiness, it’s always in abundance, because joy never comes in droplets; rather it is a gushing waterfall, just overwhelming the person who experiences it.  And there’s plentiful to share.  If this could be understood by one and all, our society can become a society of liberated persons, irrespective of religion, citizenship, country, race, political ideology, theist or atheist.  Just by bringing contentment, stillness and a very refined intelligence, you become master of your own happiness.
——-Anandmurti Gurumaa.

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