Wierdly exclusive clubs

(1) DISNEY’S CLUB 33 : An uber exclusive club set in a secret dining room in New Orleans Square. It is the only place in Disneyland that serves alcohol.
(2) THE BILDERBERG CLUB :  This group of 130 powerful individuals, is said to pull the strings of all Western Governments.
(3) THE BEEFSTEAK CLUB : This 300-year-old British club allows only 24 members, at any time ; even the Prince of Wales, the future George IV, had to wait until someone died.
(4) THE GIGA SOCIETY : There are just 6 members —- because to qualify, you must score more than 195 on one of their accepted 10 tests.
(5) THE WOODCOCK CLUB : In order to enter the Shooting Times Woodcock Club, you must “achieve a right-and-left at woodcock before 2 witnesses,” the shooting equivalent of a golfer’s hole-in-one.  The club has 1,410 members.
(6) THE EJECTION CLUB : To join this club of 5,607 members (only 10 of whom are women) you must have survived being fired out of a military plane by ejection seat.
(7) THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION : Formed in the 1970s, this is a group of 300 bigwigs, who may be ruling the world from behind the scenes.
(8) THE ASSOCIATION OF THE DEAD : The only people allowed to join the UP Mritak Sangh, are those who have been declared dead ……….. while they were still alive.
Weird indeed!

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