Meditate_Meditative Toolkit_Questions about Meditation
When Somebody becomes a Nobody :  First you need a shift from the objective to the subjective.  Meditate more and more with closed eyes about your emotions, your thoughts.  Look deeper into the inner world, the world that is absolutely private to you.  The objective is Public; the subjective is Private.
Dreams are private; they’re subjective; the objective is the market place.  Many people can watch one thing, but most people cannot watch one thought, only one person can — the person to whom the thought belongs.
Remove your consciousness more and more towards the private.  The poet lives a private life, the politician lives a public life.  A private life is a rich life.  The politician’s life is there to be watched by everybody : on TV, in newspapers, on the street, in the crowd.  The politician only has a public face.  You have to find your private face, and you should start learning how to love the private —- because the private is the door to godliness.  The public is the door to science, but not to religion.  The public is the door towards arithmetic, calculation, but it is not the door to love. Enjoy things which are very private : music, painting, poetry …… Zen insisted on calligraphy, painting, poetry, gardening ——- something that is absolutely private, something that you live from the inside towards the outside, something that rises as a wave in the innermost core of your being and spreads around.
Public life is just the reverse : something rises outside and faces in towards you; the original, the source, is always outside.  During Vincent van Gogh’s whole life not a single painting was sold, but that didn’t matter; he enjoyed himself. The real prize was not in their being sold and appreciated, the real prize was in the painter creating them.  In that very creation, he has attained his goal.

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