This & That

(1) Prayer is a journey in consciousness —— it takes you to a place different from ordinary thought.  It is a QUANTUM EVENT carried out in the brain. ——– Deepak Chopra.

(2) Diminutive definitive  —
(a) Grandfather clock —— OLD TIMER ;
(b) Overweight Dog ———- ROUND HOUND ;
(c) Air Pollution —– FUME FATALE ;
(d) Genetic Research —– CLONING AROUND ;
(e) Chorus Line —– GIRLY QUEUE.
(3) To steal ideas from one person is PLAGIARISM ; To steal from many  is RESEARCH.
(4) LOOSERS let life happen to them ; WINNERS make it happen.

(5) Fears act as catalysts and confronting them is a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

(6) Explain how each pair of words are opposites : thieves, rail —
(b) horse, dog —- HEFTY as a HORSE; SICK as a DOG;
(c) drum, goose —- TIGHT as a DRUM; LOOSE as a GOOSE;
(d) nails, pie — TOUGH as NAILS; EASY as PIE;
(f) owl, post —- WISE as an OWL; DUMB as a POST.

(7) Don’t look down on anyone, unless YOU ARE HELPING THEM UP.
(8) When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; When diet is right, medicine is of no need.
(9) LAUGHTER is the cheapest luxury that we have.  It electrifies our nerves, clears away the cobwebs from our brain and gives our entire system a good cleansing.  It also lowers BP, reduces stress hormones, boosts immunity, triggers the release of endorphins and is a fabulous relationship strengthener.

(10) Understanding begins where familiarity leaves off.

(11) The Late George Horace Lorimer, for many years the editor of the Saturday Evening Post, once wrote, “It is a good thing to have money and the things money can buy; but is good too, check up once in a while and make sure you have not lost the things that money can’t buy.  Money can’t buy REAL FRIENDSHIP —– Friendship must be earned.  Money can’t buy A CLEAR CONSCIENCE —– Square dealing is the price tag.  Money can’t buy the GLOW OF GOOD HEALTH —– Right living is the secret.  Money can’t buy HAPPINESS —– Happiness is a mental attitude.  Money can’t buy SUNSETS, SINGING BIRDS & THE MUSIC OF THE BIRDS IN THE TREES —– These are as free as the air we breathe.  Money can’t buy FORGIVENESS OF SINS, PEACE OR HEAVEN —– These are God’s gifts through faith.

(12) You know you’ve read a good book —- when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.

(13) ALL SET :  (a) Infants — WET SET;
(b) Neurotics — FRET SET;
(c) Racing Fans —- BET SET;
(d) Old Soldiers —- VET SET;
(e) Tennis fans —- NET SET;
(f) Ultra Rich —- JET SET;
(g) Opera Fans —- MET SET.

(14) The blow at the outward man may be the greatest blessing to the inner man.
(15) Transformation of Man into God is called APOTHEOSIS.  APO=to become; THEOS=God.
(16) The Pointing Hand Gesture, with the index finger and thumb extended upward, is a well-known symbol of the ANCIENT MYSTERIES.  The same gesture appears in 3 of Leonardo De Vinci’s most famous encoded masterpieces : THE LAST SUPPER, ADORATION OF THE MAGI, ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST. 

(17) The only thing you can control are YOUR CHOICES.  Do not let others make your choices for you —— their choices may not be your choices.

(18) The scientific advances made by early Middle Eastern cultures, one of them being our modern numbering system, whose advantages over Roman Numerals included —– POSITIONAL NOTATION and the INVENTION OF THE ZERO.  Arab Culture had also given the word —- AL-KUHL, the favourite beverage of Harvard freshmen ——– ALCOHOL.

(19) White cats, with both eyes blue, are almost always deaf.  It has been proved.

(20) All children have a great sense of privacy, and you violate it at your peril. — Danny Kaye

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