Go Bananas!

Blast from the past…


Stephanie.Lee :——-Bananas are the SWISS ARMY KNIFE of the CULINARY UNIVERSE, the JACK of the FRUIT.

This scrumptious yellow can be eaten alone, sliced into other foods and added to myriad baked goods recipes.  There’s no fruit as VERSATILE, as UNIVERSALLY LOVED and as UBIQUITOUS as the BANANA.  Reconsider the BANANA.  If we take their LOW COST into account in addition to how NUTRIENT-PACKED, TASTY and RICH with ENERGY bananas are, they stand out as one healthy snack to rule them all.  If bananas have a downside, it’s that their exterior can get unappetizing in the blink of an eye.  Do not dispose off bananas at the first sign of spotting.  Use them in finger-licking recipes.

bananabreadjog(1) BANANA BREAD :—A timeless way to dispose of ripe bananas.  This AU NATUREL BANANA BREAD, inspired by PROTEIN PW’S protein-baking wizardry, will taste so BANANA-Y and DELICIOUS that you wouldn’t believe it is…

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