Never doubt God

God SHOWS us the troubles.  Sometimes, as this part of our education is being carried forward, we have to descend into “the lower parts of the earth”, pass through subterranean passages but never for a moment is the cord of fellowship and union between God and us strained to breaking; and from the depths God will bring us up again. —————NEVER DOUBT GOD !  Never say that He has forsaken or forgotten us.  He will quicken again.  There is always a smooth piece in every skein, however tangled.  The longest day at last rings out the evensong.  The winter snow lies long, but it goes at last.
Be steadfast; your labour is not in vain.  GOD TURNS AGAIN & COMFORTS.  And when He does, the heart which had forgotten its Psalmody, breaks out in jubilant song, as does the Psalmist : “I will thank Thee, I will harp unto Thee, my lips shall sing aloud.”
Though the rain may fall and the wind be blowing
And cold and chill is the wintry blast
Though the cloudy sky is cloudier growing
And the dead leaves tell that the summer has passed
My face I hold to the stormy Heaven
My heart is as calm as the summer sea
Glad to receive what my God has given
Whatever it be.
When I feel the cold, I can say, ‘He sends it’
And His winds blow blessings, I surely know
For I’ve never a want but that He attends it
And my heart beats warm, though the winds may blow.

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