Ten movies entrepreneurs should see

Blast from the past…


Here are 10 Oscar-worthy movies every entrepreneur should see :–

Up_in_the_Air-147711825-large(1) UP IN THE AIR ;—–Tis is a story about Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) who travels around the country with his job of ‘laying off people’ in other companies.  A young, fresh employee—-Natalie Keener(Anna Kendrick) comes into the company to revolutionaries the current business model and rely solely on technology.

Why should they see it ?—– Ideas for efficiency are great, but sometimes you need to understand the entire process before looking for ways to ‘improve existing systems’.(2009)

october_sky_ver2(2) OCTOBER SKY :—–A young boy, Homes Hickman (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his friends become inspired by Sputnik’s Orbit, that he decides to learn how to build rockets.  Most of the town and all believe this is a waste of time, since the boys were destined to be COALMINERS.  But one teacher, Miss Riley (Laura Dern) encourages this dream and enters the boys…

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