Here are some interesting SNIPPETS for you to go through : —
The_Inner_Smile(1) THE INNER SMILE : A Buddhist technique is to do the INNER SMILE, while meditating.  Here, with eyes closed, focus on your forehead and SMILE.  This builds inner calm.  Visualisation techniques are also used, by which you take deep breaths and imagine a beautiful scenery like a quiet walk on the beach.  After 10mins. snap back to what you were doing before.  You feel more at peace.
footgolf_01(2) FOOTGOLF : It is 2 sports-in-one ——- SOCCER & GOLF.  FOOTGOLF is a precision sport, where players kick a football into a cup in as few shots as possible.  And it is getting very popular.  The number of specialised FOOTGOLF courses, in the US, has surged from 30 in 2013 to almost 300 this year.  The 1st FOOTGOLF WORLD CUP was held in Budapest, Hungary in June 2012.  The sport was benefited by the 2008-2012 global recession due to declining revenue of golf courses.  Several world-class football players have tried their hand at the sport, including Frank de Boer, Rund Gullit, Roy Makaay and Christian Karembeu.
how-to-trap-a-cat-circle-3(3) CATS TRAPPED IN CIRCLES : The popularity of cats on the Internet is more than just for entertainment or for their cuteness quotient.  Today, online forums and pages are dedicated to caring for them and even training them.  Guremike, a cat lover in Japan, conducted an experiment with his cats and posted the results online.  He asked cat owners, around the world, to plant a circle, or possibly a box, on the floor and trap the feline creatures in the process.  The phenomenon called CAT CIRCLES, has become a rage online.  According to Neatorama, the photo sequence has inspired many others to trap their cats in circles, with amazing results.  Most Reddit users, found that like a metal object attracted to magnet, cats too are instantly drawn to a circle on the floor and intentionally sit in it.  Many believe that the shapes make them feel safe and secure.  Many pet owners, are hoping that this experiment will help them work peacefully at home, while their furry pets stay put inside a circle.
liquid_glacial_table_z170113_j7(4) RIPPLES ON A TABLE : Many who live in urban settings crave for great outdoors.  Keeping this in mind, designers Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher designed a beautiful table, which they call the LIQUID GLACIAL TABLE.  The transparent acrylic is carefully moulded to have a flat surface for practical use, but a RIPPLED INTERIOR, to create the impression that it’s a sheet of ice supported by icicles.  The artists have also made a coffee table and a dining table version.  The fluid furniture fixture, with its subtle ripple patterns look like they are ice puddles frozen in time.

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