Who is a friend?

Blast from the past…



Who is a friend ?  You may have asked yourself this question.

We all know  the common Definition “A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED”.  What does the term “in need” really mean ?  Does it mean when you are in need of money to help you out of a sticky situation ?  No.  It means a friend should be there for you, when you need to share your problems, be there to lend you a shoulder to lean on, without flinching, to share your happy moments, to hold your hand when in doubt and if necessary to suggest solutions which you yourself cannot find.  A friend is the one to come through the door, when all the others have left.  A friend never comes in your way, except to stop you when you are about to fall down.

There are different kinds of friendships.  The ACQUAINTANCES——–People you know by…

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