Paper art

PAPER has a fragile and ethereal about that tends to be equated with transience.  However, it can be a highly durable medium, and has been extremely popular, with artists, for drawings and paintings.  Due to its versatility and ease of availability, it has found multiple uses in design and craft.  Origami, quilling, quilting and moulding are some of the techniques which are used to create art with paper.
Apart from its traditional use, paper is now manipulated by contemporary artists to produce artworks which are displayed in galleries and at international events.  A French artist has created 1,600 little papier-mâché pandas to raise awareness on their dwindling population.
books-art-7A combination of different types of paper and techniques has been put to creative use to come up with extraordinary artworks, made entirely out of paper.  BOOK ART, which involves transforming the pages of an old book into amazing artworks and artworks made out of paper pulp to resemble books, can be equally fascinating.  Elaborately detailed masks, life-size sculptures and abstract installations are a few other options.
8805097072_7514aa311b_zAs an installation, the transformation of paper has immense possibilities and can easily fit into any kind of décor in both residential and corporate spaces.  Traditional forms such as animals and birds, and decorative pieces such as chandeliers, are now given a contemporary touch to create stunning artworks.
When selecting paper art, keep in mind that scale plays a vital role, and the larger the artwork, the greater the impact.  The possibilities are endless and a great thing about paper art, is that it can be either minimal or intricate, and complements any kind of décor.
—— Nalini S Malaviya.

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