Blast from the past…



I have ever been guilty of causing

Knowingly, someone else pain,

Then, in this solemn moment of pausing,

I ask forgiveness again and again.


If I ever, through any action,

Humiliated one soul,

Then, there is no satisfaction

Will heal, and make that hurt whole.

Have I caused anyone to resent me,

For any reason at all ?

Then, Heaven preserve and prevent me,

From another such grievous fall !

Did I seeds of false hope, ever nourish,

By design, the harvest for my gain ?

Did illusion take brief root and flourish ?

For my sake, did Hope live in vain ?

Has anybody shed tears,

In grief, and because of me ?

Have I conjured up baseless fears,

Or made someone beg on their knees ?

Now, Heaven look down, I confess,

By these wrongs have I brought myself low,

Right those I have wronged and bless…

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