Signs you are addicted to your iPhone

(iphone_6_6plus_primary-100413338-primary.idge1) You forget that other people use devices like ‘watches’ and ‘clocks’ to tell the time.
(2) Whenever you accidentally leave it in the car, you rush back to get it as you had locked your own child in an unattended vehicle.
(3) You keep thinking you can hear your phone message tone going off during the day —- when it hasn’t.
(4) A single tear can be seen rolling down your cheek, as you discover the first crack on your iPhone screen.
(5) You look up the train time-table, on Safari, even though it is clearly posted , in front of you at the train station.
(6) You keep checking to see, if you have any text or e-mail, even though you have not received any notifications.
(7) Putting your phone, on silent mode, has made your vibrator obsolete.
(8) You try to ‘pinch’ zoom other technology devices that do not use a touch-screen.
(9) You are nonchalantly reading this, using your iPhone.
(10) You are now about to Google ‘nonchalantly on your iPhone.

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