This & That

(1) LOYALTY & OBEDIENCE ——- once they sour, are TERRIFYING THINGS.

(2) The RAZOR-TOOTHED PIRANHAS, of the genera ——SERRASALMUS and PYGOCENTRUS, are the most ferocious fresh-water fish in the world.  In reality, they seldom attack a human.

(3) Nobody grows merely by living a number of years.  We grow old by deserting our ideals.  Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm —— WRINKLES THE SOUL. —— Samuel Ullman.
(4) Everyone has a purpose in our lives ——- some come for a REASON, some come for a SEASON and some for a LIFETIME.

(5) “Knowledge is power”, says Lord Bacon, “but as for Wealth, it is useful as baggage, but very cumbersome.”

(6) LITTLE is significant, because the LARGE is made up of the LITTLES.
(7) When you are in difficulties, hitch your wagon to a star, and keep your eyes fixed on that goal.  When obstacles come your way, RIDE OVER THEM; don’t yield by going round about.
(8) To be pleased with one’s limits, is a WRETCHED STATE.— Goethe.

(9) In every sadness lies a seed of promise.  There is a promise beneath the surface of every heartbreak.
(10) God gave us tears to wash our pain away.  How trivial are the inconveniences and slights of life, compared to the burdens that some people carry.
(11) The happiest people are those who touch life at the greatest number of points.

(12) The painting —-LIGHT OF THE WORLD, shows Christ in a garden at midnight.  In His left hand He is holding a lantern, and His right hand is knocking on a heavy-panelled door.  When the painting was unveiled, an art critic remarked, “Mr. Hunt, you haven’t finished your work.  There is no handle on the door.”  “That,” said the artist, “is the door to the human heart ——- IT CAN BE OPENED ONLY FROM THE INSIDE.” 

(13) In English the letter ‘E’ occurs most frequently,” says F.H. Vizetelly.  But it is the most unfortunate character in the alphabet, because it is ALWAYS OUT of CASH, FOREVER in DEBT, NEVER OUT of DANGER and in HELL ALL THE TIME.  It has its bright side too, for it is NEVER in WAR and ALWAYS in PEACE.  It is the BEGINNING of EXISTENCE, the COMMENCEMENT of EASE and the END of TROUBLE.  WITHOUT it there would be NO MEAT, NO HEAVEN and NO LIFE.  It is in the CENTRE of HONESTY, makes LOVE PERFECT and without it there would be NO EDITORS, NO PRINTERS, NO NEWS and NO READERS or ANNOUNCERS.

(14) Look for the best in the other fellow —– YOU WILL FIND SOMETHING GOOD.
(15) Don’t put your trust in money, but money in trust.

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