His time, His way, His will


An hour of waiting
Yet there seems such need
To reach that spot sublime
I long to reach them — but I long far more
To trust HIS TIME.
“Sit still, my daughter”
Yet the heathen die
They perish while I stay
I long to reach them — but I long far more
To trust HIS WAY.
‘Tis good to get
‘Tis good indeed to give
Yet is it better still
O’er breath, thro’ length, up height
To trust HIS WILL.
—F. M. N.
“When the cloud tarried ….. then the children of Israel ….. journeyed not.  This was the supreme test of obedience.  It was comparatively easy to strike tents, when the fleecy folds of the clouds were slowly gathering from off the Tabernacle, and it floated majestically before the host.  Change is always delightful; and there was excitement and interest in the route, the scenery and the locality of the next halting-place.  But, ah, the tarrying.
Then,, however uninviting and sultry the location, however trying to flesh and blood, however irksome to the impatient disposition, however perilously exposed to danger —- – there was no option but to REMAIN ENCAMPED.
God keeps us waiting.  Face to face with threatening foes, in the midst of alarms, encircled by perils, beneath the impending rock.  May we not go ?  Have we not suffered to the point of utter collapse ?  May we not exchange the glare and heat for green pastures and still waters ?
There is no answer.  The cloud tarries, and we must remain, though sure of manna, rock-water, shelter and defence..  God never keeps us at post, without assuring us of His presence and sending us daily supplies.
DO NOT BE IN A HURRY, TO MAKE A CHANGE.  Until the cloud clearly moves, you must tarry.  Trust HIS TIME, HIS WAY, HIS WILL..

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