Blessed is he

Blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me ——(Luke 7:23) . 
It is sometimes very difficult not to be offended in God.  The offences may be CIRCUMSTANTIAL.  I find myself in a narrow sphere, an un popular position, when I had hoped for wide opportunities.  But He knows what is best for me.  My environment is of His determining.  He allows it to intensify my faith, to draw me into nearer communion with Himself.
The offence may be MENTAL.  I am haunted by perplexities and questions which I cannot solve.  I had hoped that my sky would always be clear, but, often, it is overspread by mist and cloud.  Yet, by my intellectual conflicts, I am trained to be a tutor to other storm-driven men.
The offence may be SPIRITUAL.  I had fancied that I should never feel the biting winds of temptation, but it is best as it is.  His grace is magnified.  My own character is matured.  His will is welcome.
Blessed is he whose faith is not offended
When all around his way
The power of God is working out deliverance
For others day by day.
Though in some prison drear his own soul languish
Till life itself be spent
Yet still can trust His Father’s love and purpose
And rest therein content.
Blessed is he who through long years of suffering
Cut off from active toil
Still shares by prayer and praise the work of others
And thus “divides the spoils”.
Blessed art thou, o child of God who suffers
And canst not understand
The reason for thy pain, yet gladly leaves
Thy life in His blest Hand.
Yea, blessed art thou whose faith is “not offended”
By trials unexplained
By mysteries unsolved, past understanding
Until the goal is gained.
———– Freda Hanbury Allen.

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