Chasing images of happiness

Human desires manifest as two powerful motivations in life ——- Acquisition and enjoyment.  You want to acquire whatever you want from the world, and then you long to enjoy what you have acquired.  Propelled by these two motivations, you crave to acquire and enjoy more and more.  Your entire life is consumed in CHASING IMAGES OF HAPPINESS.  Happiness is elusive, so people become frustrated easily.
The human mind has a tendency to acquire wealth, yet it cannot qualify or quantify what it wants.  The wealthiest man in the world, wants more wealth.  The most powerful man wants more power.  The most beautiful more beauty.  Human beings have an insatiable desire to acquire, and this desire cannot be quenched.  We have to control and regulate the mind’s indiscriminate cravings.
The second motivation is the desire to enjoy what has been acquired.  There is no objection to enjoyment, but here too, you have to restrain and control your indulgence in it.  The unrestricted craving for enjoyment agitates the mind and ruins your peace. —- In truth, there is no joy content in the objects and beings of the world.  Many lack the wisdom to accept this truth.
————Swami Parthasarathy.

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