Home remedies to clear chest congestion

CHEST CONGESTION is a common infection which is caused due to inflammation of the lower tract of the respiratory system, typical after-effects of cold and flu.  The common systems ——- coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath, wheezing and, even, fever.
Here are some effective home remedies :—-
mulethi-250x250(1) MULETHI ( Liquorice) is a very effective DEMULCENT.  It works on the tough mucous cells, which can then easily be coughed out by the lungs.  It can be boiled in water, along with other herbs, to make a healing decoction.  However, pregnant women should AVOID CONSUMING IT.
(2) CINNAMON : It’s a great antiseptic, which helps in relieving cough.  Add cinnamon powder, ginger and mulethi (liquorice) to water and allow it to boil till it reduces to half.  Drinking a cup of this decoction thrice a day, is an effective remedy for congestion in lungs.
ginger(3) GINGER : This is one of the most popular herbs, used in Ayurveda, for treating ailments.  It is particularly effective for all kinds of respiratory problems like lung congestion, cough, cold and allergies.  For best results, fresh ginger should be used.  The active compounds of ginger help in dissolving and bringing out the phlegm.
(4) EUCALYPTUS OIL : To use it, break a capsule of eucalyptus oil in a cotton ball and inhale the vapours.  Alternatively, you can take steam, with a few drops of oil added to the water.
(5) SESAME OIL : Massage your chest with sesame oil, mixed with almond oil.  Also, rub some oil on the soles of the feet. —————- Besides the above remedies, certain things should be avoided ——— dairy products (especially processed cheese, fried foods, refined foods, frozen foods and rice, as they can aggravate lung congestion.
—————-Dr. Shikha Sharma.

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