Successful change

KHADI is not just a fabric, but a SPIRITUAL, POLITICAL and HISTORICAL SYMBOL.  Spiritual, because Gandhiji saw weaving as a method of self-realisation and sacrifice.  Political, since Gandhiji believed weaving khadi to be a way of gaining economic independence, as well as stronger relations between affluent and the poor.  Historical, for until today the Indian flag is unexceptionally made out of the khadi fabric.
In addition, the spinning wheel (the charkha) adorned the centre of the same flag, symbolising the struggle for economic and political independence, until it was replaced by the DHARMACHAKRA, the Wheel of Law.  Rabindranath Tagore doubted Gandhiji’s economic strategy.  He thought weaving did not make anyone reflect about anything.  He said, “The charkha does not require anyone to think; one simply turns the wheel of the antiquated invention endlessly, using the minimum of judgment and stamina.”
Essentially, both of them said the same : successful change or revolution in the exterior world always depends on the interior, both by reflecting and meditating.  Nowadays, we try to change the world —— we protest, we rebel, but most of us are not able to articulate the real problem; we use crude simplifications, or get lost on the way.  Today, the system we are living in has infested all of us, making it impossible to criticise it without critiquing ourselves.  Our attitude, towards the world, the others, our way of living itself should change.  That is what Gandhiji and Tagore both knew ——– revolution begins in the mind and heart.
The next time we try to change something or someone, we should first toil on the construction site, between our temples.  There is a strong casual link between the universe inside and the one outside of us.
——– Krisha Kops 

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