The ageless mindset

twyla-tharp-by-annie-lebovitz-e1377718454621In 1981, a group of men in their 70’s stepped into the re-creation of a 1959 set.  They were to live there for five days.  The experiment was being carried out by Ellen Langer, a psychology professor at Harvard.  They were tested for their dexterity, grip, strength, flexibility, learning and memory.  The men were encouraged to go back to being and feeling like the people they were in 1959.  Everyone else on the staff treated them like youngsters.  They had a great time like boys.  When they were tested again, the results were astonishing.  All of them tested younger, looked younger and sat taller and even walked with a spring.  Even their eyesight had improved.
Is age then only a number ? Youth is how significant people in your life treat you. As sociologist Calvin Cooley put it :” I am what I think, you think I am.”  What can you do to die young, at a ripe old age ?
 * Learn something challenging and new every year, like a language or a skill.  * Make friends with a young doctor and seek his help in maintaining peak health.  Many of the symptoms of old age are signs of bad health.  Respond to warning signals immediately.  * Love yourself enough to eat well, exercise an pamper yourself.  * Keep company with joyful people, who do fun things.  * Get involved in helping others and making them happy.  * Spend time with little kids.  Enjoy the outdoors.  Plan a few ‘happiness breaks’ every day.
Age does not matter, if you don’t mind the passing of time.  Plug your mind to agelessness and live deeply all the days of your life.
—— Dr. Rekha Shetty.

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