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IMG_15734 large potatoes (boiled and cut into small pieces);

3 large aubergines (thinly sliced and seasoned with olive oil overnight in the fridge);

250gm. sticky rice;

1 tbsp. massaman curry powder;

150 ml. of coconut milk; 5almonds (finely crushed);

2 tbsps. rich tomato puree;

3tbsp. roasted, dry coconut (shredded);

5 cashewnuts (finely crushed)

Method:  In a large wok, which is pot-shaped, toss in the veggies.  Saute them with a dollop of fresh desi ghee.  Add the massaman curry powder and continue frying, till the veggies absorb the flavour.  Add some salt to taste.  Drizzle a little bit of coconut milk, and then add the almond and cashew paste.  Keep frying till the consistency is right, and the coconut milk is absorbed.  Add the rest of the coconut milk, and cover the wok with a lid.  Add the tomato puree.  Once the curry has come to…

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