The winter cup

winter-cupWhen winter sets in, and a beer and a cooling cocktail with cucumber chunks doesn’t seem like an option, what does one consider sipping on ?  THE WINTER CUP is popular the world over for its use of ingredients that are as appropriate to the climes as those used in the Summer Cup.
If there are season-specific vegetables and fruits, then there’s no doubt even the choice of tipple is largely amplified or understated.  Winter is the time for cognac, brandy, whisky and bitters, but it is rum that grows into its own during this time.
Pick a good, spiced rum —- Captain Morgan makes a neat, inexpensive one —— and find the fruits that are appropriate for the season.  Oranges and strawberries are winter fruits.  Add chunks of these fruits in a glass, an pour rum/brandy and a hint of any other liqueur.  While picking a liqueur, try elderflower or lavender or some such light floral one to add a new dimension to the drink without overpowering the base liquor.
Traditionally, the WINTER CUP is a fruity combination of elderflower liqueur, spiced rum, lime juice, strawberry, lemon, orange mint and bitters, and served, over ice, in a glass.  The idea is to make a drink that leaves one feeling warm and fuzzy.
Ingredients : 1/2 strawberry ; 1/4 lime ; 1/4 lemon ; 1 orange wheel ; 2 to 3 fresh mint leaves ; 60ml spiced rum ; 30ml elderflower liqueur ( or any other floral liqueur ) ; Mint sprig (for garnish) ; A dash of Angostura bitters.
Method :  Gently muddle the fruit and mint in the bottom of a cocktail shaker.  Add ice and the remaining ingredients, and shake gently.  Pour into a short glass and garnish with a sprig of mint.
——–Ernest D’Souza.

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