Scent globe

Long haul travel stinks, but when you finally step off the plane, and inhale those heady aromas of your destination, it somehow stinks a little less. 
Global Scents brought to Heathrow’s Terminal 2
U.K’s Heathrow Airport has installed a SCENT GLOBE, to try to cheer up departing passengers with a squirt of the exotic aromas awaiting them at their destinations.  The SCENT GLOBE, positioned in the newly-opened Terminal -2, offers whiffs, representing 5 Nations —- Brazil, China, Japan, South Africa and Thailand.
SOUTH AFRICA‘s fragrance “captures the adventures of Safari with notes of tribal incense, wild grass and musky animalics, through the scent of HYRACEUM.”
BRAZIL “embraces the scents of its rich rainforest fauna with a palette of coffee, tobacco and jasmine.”
JAPAN “is brought to life through cool, oceanic tones, with a mix of sea-weed and shell-extracts, green tea and AMBERGRIS, capturing the essence of small coastal villages, so synonymous with the Great Pacific Island.”
CHINA‘s features “mystical temple incense and subtle OSMANTHUS FRAGRANS flower,” while THAILAND uses “an appetizing mix of lemongrass, ginger and coconut.”

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