The power of stillness


There is a point of rest
At the great centre of the cyclone’s force
A silence at its secret source
A little child might slumber un disturbed
Without the ruffle of one fair curl
In that strange, central calm, amid the mighty whirl.

There is immense power in stillness.  Few of us think that it is possible to SIT STILL in HEAVENLY PLACES with God, in the everyday life of a world so full of turmoil.  A QUIET SPIRIT is of inestimable value in carrying on outward activities.  Nothing hinders the working of the hidden spiritual forces, upon which, our success in everything depends, as a spirit of unrest and anxiety.
A knowledge of the fact that there is immense power in stillness, would immensely change our ways of working.  Instead of restless struggles, we would “SIT DOWN” inwardly before God, and would let His Divine Force, work out in silence the ends to which we aspire.  You may not see or feel the operations of this silent force, but be assured, it is always working, if you only get your spirit STILL enough to be carried along by the currents of its power.

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