Tom swifties


TOM SWIFTIES are a special kind of pun.  Here are some examples :
(1)” I need a pencil sharpener,” said Tom BLUNTLY.

(2) “Oops ! There goes my hat,” said Tom OFF THE TOP OF HIS HEAD.

(3) “I can no longer hear anything,” said Tom DEFTLY.

(4) “I have a split personality,” said Tom, being FRANK.

(5) “This must be an aerobic class,” Tom WORKED OUT.

(6) “I like modern painting,” said Tom ABSTRACTEDLY.

(7) “This salad dressing has too much vinegar,” said Tom ACIDLY.

(8) “Here’s your allowance for the next two weeks,” Tom ADVANCED.

(9) “I’d like to eat 17 cakes,” Tom AGREED.

(10) “It’s a unit of electric current,” said Tom AMPLY.

(11) “It’s an actual parameter, not a formal parameter,” was Tom’s ARGUMENT.

(12) “Someday, I’ll run the CIA,” said Tom ASPIRINGLY.

(13) “I decided which car to purchase, after looking at the pictures,” said Tom AUTOBIOGRAPHICALLY.

(14) “This boat is leaking,” said Tom BALEFULLY.

(15) “I’m losing my hair,” Tom BAWLED.

(16) “I’ve to keep this fire alight,” Tom BELLOWED.

(17) “These bit patterns will be more readable in groups of 8,” said Tom BITINGLY.

(18) “I still haven’t struck oil,” said Tom BORINGLY.

(19) “I presented my case to the judge,” Tom said BRIEFLY.

  (20) “This is mutiny,” said Tom BOUNTIFULLY.

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