A MUDRA is a symbolic or hand ritual gesture in Hinduism, Buddhism and Yoga.  A mudra is a spiritual gesture, which has influence on the energies of our body.  The great Buddha knew the use of mudras and is often depicted using these ritual gestures.  There are 108 mudras used in regular Tantric rituals, around 200 mudras in Bharatnatyam and over 250 in Mohiniattam.
Mudra_1The fingers are understood as electrical circuits, re-directing the free flow of energy (prana) that are present in these discharge points.  When focussed back into the body with intention, specific results can be obtained to achieve balance within.  Each finger is characteristic of an element : The thumb is fire (agni) ; the index finger is air (vayu) ; the middle finger is ether (akash) ; the ring finger is earth (prithvi) and the little finger is water (jal).
Modern Science has confirmed that there are concentrations of free electrons surrounding the tips of every finger.  When tension is applied to the fingers and parts of the palms, the energy is directed through the body along specified nerve conduit channels(nadis), radiates from central nerve locations(chakras), and flows back to the brain.  MUDRA VIGYAN, therefore, is also a neural science as it relates directly to the nerves.  Mudras imbue tranquillity, balance and serenity.
(1) Thumb touches tip of index finger —– opens the root chakra, and moves more energy to the legs and lower body.  Makes you calmer and more concentrated.
(2) Thumb touches tip of middle finger —– creates more room for patience.
(3) Thumb touches tip of ring finger —– energy, stability and self-control.
(4) Thumb touches tip of little finger —– intuition and feeling.
Here is a simple way of balancing your energy that you can do almost anywhere, while sitting, standing, walking or even lying.  The mudras are done in a sequence.  Alternatively, touch the tips of each finger with a tip of your thumb.  Keep each connected for a few seconds or longer.  Do these with both hands simultaneously.  The overall effect is that you get calmer, more relaxed and concentrated.
——- Shilpa M. Menon.

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