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Faith Toogood, a nutritionist working with Spire Bristol Hospital, has suggested tips on foods that can help boost HEALTHY LIVING.

FIVE EASY-TO-FIND foods to boost your health :-

(1) NUTS :   They are packed with FIBRE, PROTEIN & ESSENTIAL FATS which make them a very HEALTHY SNACK.  Just a HANDFUL OF NUTS contain a variety of VIMINERALS——-from Vitamin E (to help your skin) to ZINC (which aids fertility)  Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts and walnuts are the best choice.

(2) OATS :—-Wholegrain oats are a good source of CARBOHYDRATES, MAGNESIUM, and so release energy into the blood stream slowly.

(3) KALE :—–This leafy green is extremely nutritious, widely available and cheap.  It is low in FAT & CALORIES, thus it is a good source of DIETARY FIBRE, IRON & CALCIUM.

(4) OILY FISH :—–SALMON, MACKEREL & SARDINES help protect against cardio-vascular disease, prostate cancer, age-related vision loss and dementia.  Eating…

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